What if we show up late?

The game takes a maximum of an hour, and the next guests will be booked in straight after, so unfortunately if you are late it will take valuable minutes off your game time, minutes that could cost your success! And you’ll need all the time you can get for escaping! We would advise you to arrive a bit earlier and get directions here in advance. You can find a map and directions in the location link of this page or If you get lost, call this number 314 4935209 and we’ll give you instructions of how to find us.

Is it possible to change the reservation or cancel it ?
Of course it is. To cancel your appointment, the easiest way to do it is using the confirmation email you´ve got when you made the booking and use the canceling link. If you can´t use the canceling link, send us a message to trap.bogota@gmail.com with your name and the time of your booking and we will do it for you.

To change your booking please cancel your previous appointment first and then from our web page make your new reservation choosing one of the available slots in the calendar.

I would like to make a reservation. How can I do it ?
To make a reservation, please visit our booking section and choose between the 3 rooms we have available in Bogotá to play, then find in the calendar a free slot around the date and time you would like to come. Once you selected a slot, give us your details (Valid e-mail and phone number to confirm your booking).
How much does it cost ? How can we pay ?


The price depends on the number of players

2 = 90.000 COP
3 = 105.000 COP
4 = 120.000 COP
5 = 140.000 COP
6 = 160.000 COP

for 60 minutes in one of the rooms, each team must have a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 5 persons, and the price is for the group not for each member. You pay with cash or by card before starting the game depending on the number of people in the group.

Space Mission & The Vikings – Axe Throwing

25.000 COP / person


How about team-building or bigger groups? Is it possible?

In such cases please send us an e-mail or call us ( trap.bogota@gmail.com / 314 4935209 ) to let us know the details of how many people and the date you would like to visit us so we can organize the groups upon availability.

Can we come with children to TRAP ?
We think that the game is enjoyable from the age of 12 because the logical twists might be too difficult to solve for the younger.
What should we wear when coming to TRAP ?
Just comfortable clothes. You will not have to wriggle or lay down.
How often do you change the set ?
The rooms are always improving but not completely changing so we recommend if you enjoyed the experience you can try one of the other 3 rooms we have available in Budapest.
Is the game scary somehow ?
The game is not about scaring, is all about solving puzzles to find your way out however if someone feels a bit claustrophobic just tell us and we let her/him out immediately and be aware we use stroboscope light in one of the rooms.