Secret Agent

Group of 2 – 90.000 COP
Group of 3 – 105.000
Group of 4 – 120.000
Group of 5 – 140.000
Group of 6 – 160.000

You can pay with cash or by credit card.

This is the secret office of a KGB agent who investigates four Hungarians suspected of espionage.

Their archives are in his posession and your mission is to find the mystery hidden between the lines.
The undercover agent has just left his nest for an hour, and that is the time you have to resolve this difficult case. You have to be quick and efficient, and do your job before being identified.

Your mission is to get through the various security codes, find out what the secret is and then by using this data you must find a way out of the nest.

But be careful! As time is limited, there is no room for mistakes, teamwork and creativity are your keys to success!